When it comes to choosing a bathroom suite, we recommend that you really think about what toilet you would go for. It is of course an important part to any bathroom so will not only need to look good but it must be comfortable too. With a wide range of different styles to choose from we know that we can help you find the perfect toilet that will match the rest of your bathroom suite. You will want to take into consideration the space requirements, styling and value for money.

Here are some of the types of toilets we supply and fit:

  • Wall hung
  • Low level
  • Designer
  • Back to wall
  • Traditional

All our toilets can come with heated seats and remote control flushing. A macerator can be installed if needed and now we have bidets that are incorporated into the toilet itself. All these things can be found within our comprehensive range of toilets. Please take a look at our website for more information.


Once you have chosen your new bathroom suite then why not consider adding a bidet?

Bidets are becoming extremely popular and once you have had one installed you will really wonder why you never had one sooner. If this is something you would not consider having because why would you need something to wash your feet in, then maybe we can persuade you to have one once we have told you about the many advantages to having a one.

Firstly bidets are not for washing your feet in. They are for cleaning your bottom. We know that you all know that but did you know that they are more hygienic than toilet paper. This is a true fact and one that should be taken seriously. If you was to touch something that was full of bacteria and germs, you wouldn’t think twice about wiping your hands with toilet paper, you would wash them with soap and water, so why would you not consider doing the same to one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

If you think about what you spend on toilet paper every year, it is going to be a lot of money and just think what all that used toilet paper is doing to the environment. Just by having a bidet, both of these things can be greatly reduced.


How many times have you had to call someone out to unclog your toilet because it is blocked? Even if it is just once, it can be a costly thing to have to do.

Having a bidet is a great way of showing your children how important personal hygiene is and to educate them early so they can help do their bit for the environment.

And finally, bidets just look so stylish and will look great in any bathroom. We can guarantee that if you have one installed, your family and friends will want one too.